My Sororita Palatine 15

Sororita Palatine

11 months ago
11 months ago
M1kmaka M1kmaka - 11 months ago
Nicht Job
Nils Hitze Nils Hitze - 11 months ago
I like the basing
NoerdicPainter NoerdicPainter - 11 months ago
Thank you. I got myself a set of resin bases from Unrealwargaming-Studios. They make some really nice ones, especially for Sisters of Battle. For painting i tried a marble-tutorial. Didn't came out perfect, but good enough for bases :D
11 months ago
Nils Hitze Nils Hitze - 11 months ago
Nice color scheme
11 months ago
Image of the Model Sororita Palatine  by NoerdicPainter
Name Sororita Palatine
Brand GamesWorkshop
System Warhammer 40k
Tags GamesWorkshop, Warhammer 40k,
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